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About US
IIEC had a humble beginning with three professionals with varied experience – each in different fields of the Maritime Sector joining together to bring their experience for the benefit of the Marine personnel and to be marine personnel to gain deep knowledge as well as skill specific knowledge in the field of Maritime Training and profession. 


Capt. C D Mathur is a Master Mariner and qualified Ship and accident Inspector, Investigator, Surveyor appointed by various Class and Flag States. 

A Ship's Master with over 30 years experience in the Marine Industry, he started his career in 1978 from Training Ship “Rajendra”. He progressed in his profession by serving on bulk carriers, oil tankers, OBOs, off-shore marine vessels till he became Master. He then continued to command different types of ships for 13 years. 
He has served the industry in crew management, ship operations and crew training. With his in-depth knowledge of the industry, its needs and its future he entered into entrepreneurship in 2008. In a short span ashore, he has conducted over 100 marine accident investigations, inspections and audits of ships. 
With firm commitments to his profession he renders professional advice to many seafarers, managers and owners who approach him for ship related tasks.

His Company which is a RPSL registered manning Agency also Manages many Sea going vessels and Inland Waterway Vessels.
Imparting Education and on board training is his forte.

Capt. Ashok Kumar Bhattacharjee is a Master Mariner having started his Maritime journey from TS Rajendra in 1978.
A professional with experience in Agency Operations, Container Freight Station Operations in his various capacities as Vice President, President and CEO Pan India. 
He sailed for 16 years on various class of tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels, before getting commanding tanker vessel for foreign flag vessels.
He has been, since,  involved in various Shipping industries for the past 22 years.

He is also a prominent and active participant with the various committees, association Boards and also groups of personnel charged with the improvement of Shipping practices authorized by the Government and the trade.

An entrepreneur since the last 6 years, after having an experience of 20 years as a Mariner and 16 years as a professional in leading Shipping and Shipping related infrastructure Companies. Carries a total of 41 years of association with the Shipping Industry.

Held various top position in Shipping Agency Associations and is a Member of IMC and Navi Mumbai and Logistics and Transport Committees

Successfully Managing a DG Shipping approved Maritime Training Institute for the past 3 years.

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