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IVs GP Rating Course

Inland Vessel GP Rating Course

Training Scope for Inland Vessels- covered in the course
• Fuel Economy
• Stability of vessel during loading & discharging
• Care of cargo
• Environment Protection
• Life Saving, Fire Fighting Appliances & Personal Protective Equipment.
• Barge Maneuvering Principle with regard to effect of propeller, rudder,
  wake current, turning circle, shallow water, river bends, restricted
  channel and passing off moored vessels
• Demonstrating practical handling of barge in turning her within own
  length, turning short round in river stream

• Anchoring in strong tide or current
• Safety of Navigation COLREG 1972 (Rules of Road) and use of aids in
   Zuari & Mandovi River
• Use of navigation equipment
• Attending to contingency viz., flooding, grounding, collision, fire, man
   overboard, abandon ship
• Procedure & precautions for entry in to enclosed space and working aloft
• Attending to moorings while loading, discharging and double banking
• Record and Log keeping
• House Keeping

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